"Creating, and running a Robocall Campaign"


Navigate to robocall.sonictel.io In your Web browser,

Enter your credentials and login.









Click on the box with 3 horizontal lines in the top right corner.









Click "Call Campaign Management."













Scroll down and click the Blue box that says, "Create Call Campaign."












Give it the same name you had given the uploaded audio messages previously. (Robocall and the date)

Next select 18452686813 as the Caller ID.











Under "Recipient Groups" choose "Tolstoy Main Call List."












Set "Max Concurrent Calls" to 3, and “Number of Retry” to 1.











In "Email Ids" enter the email address you would like notified when the campaign has completed.













Under "Decision for Amd" choose "Playback Message,"

and under "Playback File Machine" choose your file you uploaded.












Under "Intro Greeting" Choose "Header."














Under "Playback File Human" choose the file you uploaded.













Check the box under "Do not check Agent Availability."














Here you can choose what hours of the day the calls can go out.

It runs on military time for example 5pm is 17:00.
















Leave all the days, and dates as is and click Create.









If the time you have it set for is earlier than the current time, the calls will start immediately.