"Uploading your recorded Robocall Message"


 Navigate to robocall.sonictel.io In your Web browser,


Enter your credentials and click login.










Click on the box with 3 horizontal lines in the top right corner.












Next click on "Playback file management."










Next click the blue box towards the bottom that says "Add New Playback File."











Fill out the name as Robocall and the date without spaces

under file type first choose human, and then click "Browse."

(after you create the file, you will repeat these steps and choose AMD)








On the next screen click "Browse."













Click on the "Reporter" folder, In this folder you find your recorded file you made in "Rode Reporter," Click on it.




Note: It is a good idea to delete old files in the reporter folder, you can do this by clicking and holding your finger on the file and selecting delete from the pop up menu.






Now click the blue box at the bottom labeled "Create,"

you should see a green pop up that says, "Playback File Created Successfully."











Now click "Add New Playback file" again, repeat the above steps uploading the same file again just choosing the file type "AMD" instead of "Human."



Once you have created the "AMD" file of the same name [robocall (date)]


You are now ready for the final step Creating,

 and running a robocall campaign.