Clarification on the Accounts when they lock

When accessing the portal after 3 failed attempts, the Account will automatically have a soft lock, which requires the user to wait 15 minutes to try the login process again, which the system will display for you. The soft locks are related to an incorrect password or username, the system does not provide which one is incorrect for security purposes.

In addition, to incorrect credentials, the Cloud9Phone system does have CAPTCHA words that are required to type in for accessing the Account, only after a failed login attempt. Our system is built this way for security.

The hard lock is when the system provides no error message and all login attempts fail, at that point we (Cloud9Phone) can unlock those specific case scenarios.

Simply calling into our Support Department for assistance. 1-844-USA-VOIP (1-844-872-8647) or by accessing the (CSC) Sonictel Support Center Portal or by emailing with your username and that it needs to be unlocked.

We will then reset your password.