All Untangle FAQs



How is VOIP handled?

VOIP is automatically bypassed from scanning by default. This is because VOIP data traffic is highly latency sensitive. This behavior is controlled in Config > Network > Bypass Rules. There are pre-configured rules for VOIP (both SIP and IAX2) in the "System Bypass Rules." Manual bypass rules can be added for non-standard VOIP installations. Simply add a rule to bypass the control sessions and the data sessions will also be bypassed.


My VOIP doesn't work. Why?

Some VOIP deployments use intelligent NAT traversal techniques that conflict with the VOIP NAT-fixing done inside NAT on the Untangle Server. In this case you can uncheck 'enable SIP NAT Helper' (basically SIP ALG) in config->networking->advanced->General. (sometimes it requires a reboot)


Does Untangle Server support Polycom video conferencing?

This technology uses H323 protocol, and Untangle does no special handling for H323. It is recommended to bypass H323 traffic. For more information, go to Bypass Rules.


Can I use VoIP over VPN?

Untangle does not recommend this configuration. VoIP over VPN can result in poor voice quality and dropped calls. For more information, go to Using VoIP with Untangle Server.