This will cover IPsec to Cisco and similar router/firewalls:


This guide covers configuration of IPsec between Peplink and Cisco IOS devices using pre-shared key authentication. The example configuration assumes the following settings:

IPsec VPN Settings
Peplink WAN1 IP Address
Peplink WAN2 IP Address
Peplink LAN Network
Cisco WAN IP Address
Cisco LAN Network
Pre Shared Key abc8009008
IPsec Phase 1 Authentication SHA-1
ISPEC Phase 1 Encryption AES-128
ISPEC Phase 1 DH Group 2
IPsec Phase 2 Authentication SHA-1
ISPEC Phase 2 Encryption AES-128
ISPEC Phase 2 PFS Group 2

Using the above example settings from the Cisco, Sonicwall, Etc. Router, we program the Peplink as follows: