This menu is accessed by pressing the key call log Call Log key. The call log you see is a call log stored on the telephone system. If you login at another phone that does this, your call log moves with you.

Your call log contains your 10 most recent answered calls, 10 most recent calls you made and 10 most recent missed calls.

If configured by the system administrator, it can also include calls missed by hunt groups of which you are a member.

The Call Log menu diagram shows a summary of the menu options.

Missed Calls


Missed calls are calls to you that you did not answer. Your system administrator can also configure if the log includes calls presented to you but answered by someone else or by voicemail.

The Call Log button is illuminated when you have any new missed calls in your call log. The lamp is extinguished when you have viewed the missed call in the call log or the record of that call is no longer in your call log.

Missed Group Call


If you are a member of any hunt groups, the system administrator can configure whether your missed calls log should also include missed hunt groups calls. The hunt group does not necessarily have to have rung your phone. It will be recorded as missed if it was presented to the hunt group and not answered by any of the members including you.


1. Centralized call log can be turned off by the system administrator. In that case the call log is one stored by the phone and is lost if the phone is reset. This guide only covers the centralized call log stored by the telephone system.
2. The call log on other types of phones is a local call log maintained by that phone. It will not move with you when you hot desk and it will be lost if the phone is restarted.
3.The redial function uses the outgoing call records stored in the call log.