To make a call:

Pickup handset or press speaker button

Outside call:    Dial 9 + 1 + area code & telephone number
 Internal call:    Dial 3 digit extension number

To Answer a call:

If your phone is ringing pickup handset or press speaker button

To PARK a call:

(Note: Call Park allows you to park a call so that it may be retrieved at another extension)

While connected to an outside caller PRESS one of the Park Buttons (Park-1, Park-2, etc.)

To Retrieve a PARKED call:

PRESS the associated Call Park Button, then under the display PRESS the CONNECT button.

To PAGE over all phones:

Pickup handset, Press PAGE button
 Announce your page, Hang up handset



First Time Login

The first time you call your mailbox, the system prompts you to record your name and set a mailbox password

The system uses the password to control access to your messages and mailbox settings. It uses the name you record in announcements to callers. Though set during the initial mailbox login, you can change the password and change the recorded name at any time in the future.

To login:

  1. From your inside extension Dial 777 or *17
  2. From outside dial ________________________ Press * or # during the automated greeting.


  • If calling from your inside extension the system will log you into your mailbox.
  • If calling from the outside, during the automated greeting Press either * or   #  , you will be prompted to enter your mailbox number.