Sometimes it is convenient for several users on a pbx to use a common mailbox, such as callers access from an autoattendant, e.g. for Support or Sales messages. Callers can set this mailbox to trigger the Message Waiting indicator on their phone, and can access the common voicemail box by hitting the Messages softkey on their phone.


To set this up in the portal, first set up the mailbox (such as ex; 700 or any valid number) and record the Busy and Unavailable messages by dialing *5000 from a phone on the pbx and following the prompts.


Then on each extension you want set up this way, go into the extension detail page and

  • in the Routing/Call Routing tab, set the 700 mailbox in the If Busy/If Not Answered/If Offline drop downs
  • in the Routing/Advanced tab, set the message waiting to box 700.  You can add multiple extensions seperated by a comma (201,205,301)
  • reboot the phones


Calls to these extensions will then leave messages in the 700 voicemail box, the Messages button on the phones will dial into that box, and messages in box 700 will alert each of the phones.