1. Go to Settings Tab

2. Go to Accounts Tab

3. In the top right corner press the “+” Button to add an account

4. Select SIP VOIP (SIP) – Calling

5. Account Name will be the clients name, this has no bearing on the setup, just for informational purposes

6. Enter Display as field (Either a caller ID number or an extension number depending on the use)

7. Username will be the SIP Username found in SIP Configuration of your extension (ex. sip333_clpxxx).

8. Password field should be filled out with the password that correlates with either your extension.

9. Domain field should contain the SIP Registration Hostname found in your SIP Extension SIP Configuration field (ex. fe-cecxx.xxx.cloud9phone.com)

10. Enabled should be switched to “ON”

11. Voice Mail Number can be input as either *5000 to reach the universal voicemail or * + the voicemail box associated with that extension

12. Under , Set the Keep alive Wifi Interval to 30 and Mobile Interval to 9

13. Access account advanced tab at bottom of settings page

14. Lower refresh interval from 900 to a lower range eg. 500-700