How to Bridge a 2Wire Modem

The 2wire modem is often bundled with AT&T Internet service, but this brand of modem is not always the best or preferred choice for a home network. Setting the modem to "bridge mode" will allow you to install a third-party router to handle the traffic on your network and the modem will simply function as a direct connection to the phone line. Setting up bridge mode on your 2wire modem is a straightforward task you can complete in a few minutes. Have a question? Get an answer from online tech support now!


    How to Bridge a 2Wire Modem

    How to Configure a Linksys Router to Work With a 2Wire Router


Things You'll Need

    2Wire or AT&T modem

Third Party Router like; Netgear, Linksys, Peplink




        1         Open your Web browser and navigate to "". A page with your modem's control panel will appear.

        2         Click on the "Home Network" tab in the upper section of the control panel.

        3         Click on the “Disable” button corresponding to the wireless connection on the right side of the Network Summary page.

        4         Click on the “Broadband” link and then click "Advanced Settings."

        5         Change the VPI setting to "0" and the VCI setting to "35".

        6         Click on "Disable PVC Search."

        7         Set the Connection Type to "Direct IP."

        8         Click "Submit/Save."

        9         Direct your browser to "" or "".

        10         Click on "Configure Services" under the Advanced heading.

        11         Uncheck the "Enable Routing" box.

        12         Click "Submit."


13           Connect the Linksys router into the 2Wire router with an Ethernet cord. Connect your computer to the Linksys router. Access the Linksys router's interface using your gateway IP address and set it to use a PPPoE connection type. The location of this setting will vary based on your firmware version.

14           You will also need to enter your user name and password that were created with your Internet service provider. This will authenticate the DSL connection and allow the Linksys router to acquire a valid public IP address.


Tips & Warnings


    Take note of your PPPoE username and password, as you will need this information to set up your third-party router.

    Leave this window open on a browser tab before performing the steps described in this article, as you will loose your Internet connection until you’ve configured the router.

    If anything goes wrong, you can always reset the router to factory defaults by holding the reset button on the back of the unit for approximately one minute.

    If problems persist, call your Internet service provider's technical support number.

    Your Internet connection will be lost until you have set up the third-party router.


When the 2Wire router is placed in bridge mode the internet light will stay off since it is no longer authenticating the connection.

When the 2Wire router is placed in "bridge mode" you will loose your Internet connection until the Linksys router is set up correctly behind it.