2Wire Uverse (old firmware)

DSL Models or OLD Uverse Models

These modem/router combos cause a great deal of service issues and generally have to be bridged. However, in the case of U-Verse, it’s a 2wire modem/router combo with added functionality that allows it to do television and phone service at the same time, and obviously bridging would not be workable.

There are a few tricks that work with less than 100% reliability.

  • The MDC – Go to
    • To disable SIP ALG, click on Configure Services, and uncheck SIP Application Layer Gateway
    • To Disable Firewall checks click on the “Advanced” link under “Attack Checks” and disable ALL checkboxes for DoS protections and port scans.
  • DMZPlus Mode – Not a true DMZ mode, but may work in certain instances



2Wire Uverse (newer firmware)

Though not widely tested, early results show this to resolve the issues with the Uverse.

You will want to have the customer buy a recommended router and plug it into the uverse before doing the following. The Netgear 3500L is still the preferred recommended router.

1) Setup the Uverse to be in IP passthrough mode to your