The Find Me feature attempts to locate you by dialing a list of extensions or phone numbers until you accept or reject the call. The caller is placed on hold while the system attempts to locate you. Once you answer the call, you have the option to accept the call, or reject the call. If you reject the call, you also have the option to leave a short message for the caller.

the Find Me feature is configured per extension.  Click the Find Me tab while in the Extension Detail screen.  Start by defining your locations. There are three options:

  • My Extension - Selecting this option will ring the phone associated with your extension.
  • Outside Line - This is a phone number such as a cell phone or your home phone.
  • Other Extension - Selecting this option will allow you to select any extension configured in your PBX.

You can define up to five locations. If you do not have five locations to be tried, simply leave the settings blank for the unneeded locations. Be sure to check the Active? checkbox for each location to be tried.

In addition to defining your locations, there are a few other options that can be changed:

  • Ring each location for n seconds - The system will ring each location for the specified number of seconds before attempting to reach you at the next location on the list.
  • Record caller's name... - If this checkbox is selected, the caller will first be prompted to record their name. When you answer the call, the system will play "You have an incoming call from...", then the caller's name that was recorded. This feature is useful for call screening.
  • Give the caller the option of transferring to voicemail... - If this checkbox is selected, the caller will hear a brief prompt asking the caller if they'd like to continue locating you, or leave you a voicemail; between each location specified.

Once these setting have been configured you will need to adjust your extension routing (under the Call Routing tab) to have one or more of the routing options set to use the Find Me setting.