This feature allows for creating a shared private dialing plan between the multiple sites making up an enterprise. This enterprise dialing plan allows users of the enterprise to call one another using location codes and extensions instead of full phone numbers.

In this REP screen, the customer administrator can assign location codes to each Site, which can be used by enterprise users to make calls between Sites, using a private dialing plan.

Location Codes must be unique for each Site.

 Extension numbers may be duplicated among Sites. Note: If extension numbers are duplicated without the use of Location Codes, Sonictel will use the most recently entered or modified extension as the default. Thus, all calls to this extension without the use of a Location Code will be sent to the user/service marked as the default.

 Location Codes must be between 1 and 6 digits.

 To dial a user at a Site with a Location Code, an internal caller would first dial the location Code (ex: 10) and then the user’s extension number (ex: 2345). So the caller would dial 102345 to make the call.


Advanced Settings > Site Packages

Location Codes