DL/DA (Directory Listing / Directory Assistance) is a feature that allows a phone number, user information and/or address to be published in the local white pages, or through 4-1-1 assistance, or both.

Services: Choose if DL, DA or both should be enabled for this telephone number. DL (Directory Listing) will print the information in the local white pages. DA (Directory Assistance) will link the information to 4-1-1 and will provide any callers with the information specified in a 4-1-1 call.

Subscriber type: Residential or Business

Name: Enter the business name for a business listing, or the residential name for a residential listing.  Sorting of Business names is different than Residential names.  Business names are entered into the listing sorted by the complete business name, so all of the parts of the name that are used to sort the listing should all be entered in the top (Business name - sorted) name field. The second name field can be used for any portion of the name not important from a sorting perspective.

Address: Enter the desired address for this listing.

Include address with listing: Choose 'Yes' if the address should be printed and or provided with this listing. If this box is not selected, a city/state, phone and name will be provided for this telephone number.

*Please note, it generally takes up to 72 business hours for information to populate to Directory Assistance (4-1-1), and up to an ordinary business week to be input into the local white page database. Printed information will appear in the next local white page book release, as long as the information was provided to the book publisher before the print cut-off date. 

Please open a support ticket if you need to add or update your listing information.