The Yealink T4xS phones have the ability to add a USB WiFi mod that will allow the phones to connect wirelessly over WiFi.  Great for applications where no CAT5 data wire exists.

To Connect using WiFi, insert the USB Module into the back of the phone receptacle.

  • Press Menu  >> Basic  >>  WiFi
  • If the Wifi is not enabled enable it and press the save key
  • Look for your SSID network on screen, if you don't see your WiFi network, >> Press Scan for Networks
  • Select your WiFi Network  >> Enter Password using the below table for keypad definitions.
  • Pay special attention to use of the >>star key<<, if your WifI password contains any special characters such as ( / @ # - and more )
  • Continually pressing the star key in a fast action will toggle through all the available characters.