Avaya 9608 9611 9621 9641 Installing & Administering

The IP Phones use Scope 242 for VLAN tagging if the scope/option has been setup in the firewall/router

Also the data switch (cisco / netgear, etc. ) PORT that the Avaya Office IP is plugged into should be dedicated to that vlan

So if the data vlan is

and the voice vlan is

The phones will boot automatically looking to use scope/option 242.

First they will boot to the normal lan

If scope/option 242 has been setup to vlan tag, the phones will reboot into that vlan subnet (ex;

The Avaya IP Office control unit will be given a static ip of 192.168.20.x and ALSO physically connected to a dedicated port on the data switch for the 192.168.20.x network.  The control unit dows not use vlan tagging and/or scopr/option.  It is just manually assigned a static ip address & then plugged into a physical port on the data switch to use.