The diagram below shows the main features of a 1408 phone.


This phone has 8 programmable buttons.
By default the first 3 buttons are used as appearance buttons for calls you make and receive. Your system administrator can configure additional appearance buttons.
Any button not configured as appearance buttons can be configured for a range of telephone system features. These are called feature buttons. Your system administrator can do this or, for a limited number of functions, you can do this using the phones self-administration menu.
The phone includes an integral stand that can be flipped to either of two positions without needing any tools. When used in the upright position, a plastic peg in the earpiece rest area for the handset can be reversed if a more secure grip on the handset when not in use is required.
The phone includes a handsfree speaker and microphone for operation as a handsfree speakerphone. The speaker is located under the handset. The microphone is located at the bottom right of the keypad.

The phone includes a headset socket for connection of phone headsets.