Direct Inward System Access, or DISA, allows users to dial into the hosted PBX from an outside line, and make outbound calls that will display Caller ID information from a DID within their office.


A DISA is typically used in routing scenarios, such as:

  • Unannounced options in an Auto Attendants
  • Call Routing Inbound Dialing Rules for an Extension


The number of DISAs that you can create is limited only by the number of assignable DIDs within your PBX.


DISA permissions are enabled by default for these User Types:

  • Reseller Admin
  • Customer Admin


Creating A New DISA

  1. From your customer's Settings tab, click the Services tab.
    The customer's Phone Numbers screen displays.
  2. In the menu panel on the left, click the DISA menu option.
    The DISA screen displays. The DISA list is sorted ascending by DISA number.
  3. Click the New DISA button.
    The New DISA screen displays.

DISA Settings

  1. DISA Number: Enter a DISA number that users will enter when dialing in to the system.
    NOTE: The DISA number should be a number between 4 and 15 digits in length.          
  2. Name: Enter a textual name for this DISA.
  3. Description: Provide a description for this DISA.


Caller ID

  1. Caller ID: Select the Caller ID number which will be presented to the receiving party when dialing out from this DISA.



  1. Password:  Enter a numeric password which has at least 4 digits.           
    NOTE: Password parameters are:
  • must be numeric, between 4 - 255 digits
  • may not be all sequential numbers
  • may not be one repeating digit
  • may not be the same as the DISA number

10. Confirm Password: Type the password again to confirm.


Click the  Save button.

---The new DISA appears in the DISA list on the main DISA screen



Editing A DISA  

  1. In the DISA list on the main DISA screen, click the Edit link for the desired DISA.
    The DISA Detail screen displays.
  2. Make the necessary modifications in this screen.
  3. When you are finished, click the Save button.


Configuring and Using DISA

There are two methods of configuring and using DISA: as a DISA Hub, or as a Specific DISA.


Create a Next Step within an Auto Attendant, Extension Inbound Dialing Rules, etc.

  • In the dropdown menu, choose DISA Hub.


  • In the dropdown menu, choose a specific DISA.
    • § In the adjacent dropdown menu that appears, choose a specific DISA.


Using DISA

  • As a DISA Hub - you will be prompted to enter a specific DISA number (out of many), then the corresponding password.
  • As a specific DISA - you will prompted only for the DISA password, as the DISA number has already been specified.