Call Customer Care or see Agent Only Portal for provisioning server information.


Grandstream GXP2000 Phones

  1. Plug the phone into the switch behind QOS box.Once plugged in, the phone will display the IP address that the QOS box has given it. (Note: If you don't have a QOS device, just make sure that the network will hand the phone an IP address via DHCP.)Plug a PC or laptop into the same network as the phone and, in an Internet browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox), log into the phone by typing http:// into the Address field at the top of the browser window.When prompted to log in, type admin. (Note: if admin doesn't work, try the MAC address of the phone in all UPPER CASE letters.)After you are logged in, click on the Advanced Settings link.
  2. On the Advanced Settings page, select Upgrade Via TFTP to PROVISION to Cloud9Phone Servers or HTTP to Upgrade Firmware.
  3. On the Advanced Settings page, the Firmware Server Path should be Select HTTP, Server = , note the last & latest release for the GXP2000 is
  4. On the Advanced Settings page, the Config Server Path should be TFTP and the hostname of the Provisioning Server (Get this from Cloud9Phone Technical Support).
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the Advanced Settings page, and save your changes.
  6. Reboot the phone. The phone will register, give it about 5 minutes as phones sometimes need to download a new firmware upgrade which may take several cycles to complete.
  7. So if firmware upgrade is needed, first select HTTP for firmware update and then change to TFTP to provision to Cloud9Phone Servers