The R6300 is a wireless router that requires a few small adjustments in order to ensure the best quality of service. Please follow the instructions below to prepare your R6300 for VoIP.

The instructions below are based on the Hardware Version 1: Firmware V1.02.2.14_1.0.23

Note: Netgear has removed the option to disable SPI, and they have renamed it DoS Protection. This is the same feature, with a different name.

  1. Navigate to the routers web interface. Usually at
  2. The Default Login Credentials are:
    • Username: admin
    • Password: password
  3. Select “WAN Setup”.
  4. Check the “Disable SPI” box so that SPI is disabled.
  5. Check “Disable SIP ALG” so that SIP ALG is disabled.

Please review the screenshot below to assist in the process.