Conference Bridge Call Paths

Like all calling on a Customer PBX, Conference bridge calling is limited by the number of call paths on the account, so for customers who plan to use this feature it is important to estimate the paths required for their usage pattern.

On-net calls do not use a call path; this applies to conference calls as well. You should use a cloud extension to route to the hub or bridge.

A call from off-net to the bridge will use 1 call path, but a call from an extension to a phone number routing to the bridge will take 2 paths (1 out to the PSTN and 1 back in).

So for example if the customer has 10 call paths, and the bridge has 4 on-net callers and 4 off-net callers, the 4 on-net callers do not contribute to call path usage, but the 4 off-net calling in to the DID do, so they would still have 6 call paths available for other uses.