SPA122 T.38 Setup and Configuration

Dial plan



STEP1: Connect your computer to the ETHERNET (Yellow) port of the ATA. Your computer will obtain an ip address in the 192.168.15.x range. Make sure your computers Ethernet adapter is set for DHCP.

STEP2: Open a web browser and enter (default ip of ATA)

STEP3: To log in for the first time as Administrator

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin

Step4: At this point a Quick Setup Screen will appear. Input the information from the FAX Line tab in the portal.

  • Proxy:
  • User ID: sip9000001_pbxcontext
  • Password: *************

Step5: Select the Administration Tab

  • User List => select the admin icon to change username and password => SUBMIT
  • Web Access Management => Remote Management => enable => SUBMIT
  • Now you can connect your ATA to the Network to remote manage
  • Connect to phone line 1 press **** then 110# to get ip address of ATA

Step6: Select Voice Tab

  • Line 1
    • Network Settings
      • Network Jitter Level => very high
      • Jitter Buffer Adjustment => no
  • Supplementary Service Subscription
    • Call Waiting Serv: no
    • Three Way Call Serv: no
  • Audio Configuration
    • Fax Passthru Method: to ReInvite
    • Fax Disable ECAN: yes
    • Fax Enable T38: yes

Step7: Once the reboot is complete check the peer status on the Fax Line page.

Step8: Plug your Fax into Line 1 on the ATA and test.