To obtain the DHCP IP Address using touch tone phone/fax connected to the audiocodes mp202b phone 1 port.


Lift the handset, dial *2*# and listen for the voice prompt containing the IP address. (this is only to confirm that the mp202b is actually talking to the local router and getting an IP address via DHCP

(NOTE: by default this access IP will be disabled in programming fir the web gui, therefore you must plug directly into the mp202b lan port and enter for programming access.hwoever, the mp202b can not be customized anyway, so don't bother)

To program the MP202B you must be connected using a CAT5 Ethernet cable to the LAN port on the back of the adapter.


The WAN port is connected to the Internet source/router.


On the LAN port it will hand out a DHCP 192.168.2.x IP address to your laptop.


Browse to (you should be presented with a log in page)

The default logon for a ATA configuration is: 

User Name: admin 
Password: admin