Users can choose to be notified to their mobile phones when they have received a voicemail message in their Cloud9Phone mailbox. When a message is received, the system will send a text (“SMS”) message to the cell phone. Note that the actual audio of the voicemail message is not sent to the mobile phone, only a text message to indicate a voicemail has been left.


In the mailbox detail page, in the "SMS email to notify" field, enter an SMS email address for the user. Multiple addresses separate by commas can also be entered.


The format of the email address should conform to the format of the user's carrier. The major US cellular carriers use the format for SMS to text capable cell phones.


Carrier Send Email to phonenumber@....









Verizon users can register an alias at to give out instead of their phone number.

Both and will be valid addresses for the phone.


List of SMS gateways:

If you don’t know the carrier, enter the number in 123-456-7890 format at:

More information on SMS: