When considering using one of our recommended Routers that also provide 4G Internet Backup in case your primary Internet link fails, below are the average use of broadband data by application.

With our recommended router/firewall, you simply subscribe to a data plan and if your primary Internet connection goes down for any reason, the router will automatically switch over to the wireless cell 4G connection.


How much data does a 4G Mobile Broadband device use?

  • Email (Text Only) = 10 KB
  • Typical Web Page Lookup* = 1 MB
  • Audio Streaming = 60 MB/hr
  • Video Streaming (Standard Def) = 650 MB/hr
  • Video Streaming (High Def) = 2 GB/hr
  • Digital Photo Download/Upload (Hi-Res) = 5 MB
  • 4G VoIP = 45 MB/hr
  • 4G VoIP with Video = 260 MB/hr
  • Online Gaming = 5 MB/hr
  • 1 MB = 1,024 KB
  • 1 GB = 1,024 MB


How fast is cellular data service?

Speeds will vary depending on whether you're in a 3G or 4G area; your signal strength will also impact performance. Below are the average speeds you can expect, assuming you're in a good coverage area:
  • 4G (LTE): 5-12Mbps download with bursts up to 20Mbps, 2-5Mbps upload; latency is typically 45-90ms
  • 3G (EVDO Rev-A): 600-1400kbps download with bursts to 3Mbps, 200-800kbps upload with bursts to 1.8Mbps; latency is typically 100-400ms
  • 2G (1xRTT): 50-100kbps download and upload with bursts to 144 kbps; latency is typically 300-900ms