Severity Definitions

Support Requests ("Ticket" or "Tickets") may be submitted either by telephone (1-844-872-8647 option 3), online via web (, or email ( The Ticket reason is selected by you and Cloud9Phone and should be based on the following severity definitions:

Severity 1 (Service Unavailable)

You are experiencing a service interrupting issue explicitly due to Cloud9Phone services. Hosted PBX, VoIP or SIP trunk services cannot reasonably continue, the operation is mission critical to the business and the situation is an emergency. A Severity 1 Ticket has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Cloud9Phone hosted PBX or VoIP services are not accessible to one or more end-user customer, and Customer has eliminated any Customer premise equipment, cabling, connectivity, or other non-Cloud9Phone issues as being the cause
  • Severe service impacting issues are reasonably traceable to Cloud9Phone hosted services

24 Hour Commitment to Severity 1 Tickets:  The Cloud9Phone Support Center (CSC) will work 24x7 until the issue is resolved or as long as useful progress can be made. You must provide the CSC with a contact during this period, either on site or by pager, to assist with data gathering, testing, and applying fixes.

You are requested to propose this classification with great care, so that valid Severity 1 situations obtain the necessary resource allocation from Cloud9Phone.

Severity 2 (Service Impaired)

You have identified an impairment in the system, or quality issue directly related to Cloud9Phone services. The issue is an impacting normal business operations, and there is no workaround to resolve the issue.

Severity 3 (Bug or Non-conformity)

You have identified a bug or non-conformity in the system. There is a workaround, and while it may be an inconvenience, the result does not severely impede the operation of business.

Severity 4 (General Support Request)

You have "how-to" questions, configuration changes, or new feature requests. The result does not impede the normal business operation.

Maximizing Technical Support

By meeting these standards and using the Cloud9Phone suggestions described below, you will assist Cloud9Phone in providing the best support services possible and will improve the speed and quality of services received:

Perform Troubleshooting Tasks Prior To Contacting Cloud9Phone

Understanding your network environment and hosted PBX and VoIP configuration is an integral part of resolving a Ticket. Your Administrator or IT consultant should first be consulted to make certain that all local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), cabling, and other technologies have been tested prior to contacting Cloud9Phone. This information will be extremely helpful when a Cloud9Phone representative reviews your Ticket.

Have Knowledgeable Customer Technical Contacts
Your technical contacts should be knowledgeable about the Cloud9Phone Services and your Cloud9Phone environment in order to help resolve system issues and to assist Cloud9Phone in analyzing and resolving Tickets.

Have the Ability to Reproduce Problems
When submitting a Ticket, your technical contact should have a baseline understanding of the problem you are encountering and an ability to reproduce the problem in order to assist Cloud9Phone in diagnosing and triaging the problem.

Contact Information
Phone numbers and contact information can be found on the Cloud9Phone support web site at:

Notice: Cloud9Phone reserves the right to materially changes this information and criteria at any time, and without notice.